Gift Acceptance Policy

This policy sets forth the conditions under which FUMC Coppell may accept gifts. Givers are strongly encouraged to support primarily the unified general budget of the church. Subject to this policy, FUMC Coppell may accept donations from its members and friends who want to donate to the work of the church other than through the general budget.

FUMC Coppell desires to be careful to assure it is not involved in creating a tax-deductible contribution for some purpose that would not otherwise qualify for a tax deduction. For instance, the church wants to make sure that a donation to benevolence, missions, or ministries is for furthering the ministry of the Church. For this reason, FUMC Coppell has set forth guidelines under which the church, as a tax exempt organization, may or will accept designated gifts:

1. A designated gift must be for a church approved project, specific program ministry event or supported mission of FUMC Coppell outside of the normal operating budget. The fund is established & approved by the Finance Committee.

2. FUMC Coppell must maintain discretion and control over all contributions and will make every effort to honor a donor’s designation, however contributions become the property of the Church and as such, the Church has the discretion to determine how best to use all contributions to carry out our mission and purpose.

3. Designated gifts cannot be given to specific organizations unless a specific organization is named for a special offering that will be for a specific and limited time (i.e. communion offerings, Easter offering, Back to School offering, etc.).

4. Gifts designated for individuals or designated for the benefit of a specific individual are not tax-deductible contributions and the church will not accept them.

5. FUMC Coppell cannot accept gifts with verbal designations. Designations must be in writing in an accompanying memorandum or indicated on the check (or in the description box for online gifts).

6. FUMC Coppell must, by law, reserve the right to not accept designations despite the directive by the individual donor. If FUMC Coppell cannot honor the designation, the donor will be contacted either to redirect the funds or to be returned to the donor.

7. FUMC Coppell cannot accept gifts that are outside the designated ministries list established by the church:

a. Tithes to the General Operating Fund
b. Capital Campaigns
c. Debt Reduction/Mortgage Principal
d. Benevolence
e. Missions (organizations approved by the Mission Committee)
f. Scholarships for Events (Student Mission Trips, Children’s VBS, Summer Camps)
g. Special Projects/Events as assigned and approved. (List of approved projects/events will be held by the Executive Director of Administration.)

8. Any gifts given for budgeted ministries (i.e. noted as “Children’s gift” or “For Music”) will be applied to the general budget to cover budgeted ministry expenses in the unified general budget.

9. For gifts given to FUMC Coppell that do not fall under the categories described above, the donor will be contacted to get clarification on the intent of the fund. If the donor is insistent on creating a fund, the following steps will need to happen:

a. The donor (or donor representative) will present a case to the Finance Committee for the new fund request.

b. The request will include:

i.  Purpose for the fund
ii. Amount needed to be raised

c. The Finance Committee will vote on the proposed request which will involve:

i.  A start and end date (or timeline) that the funds will be collected and the project/event is completed.
ii. What will happen to the funds if the amount needed is not raised or if gifts exceed the amount requested.


Approved by Finance Committee 8/20/2017

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