Sunday, January 29 began our 2017 Stewardship Emphasis. This is a departure from the way that we have typically conducted our annual emphasis. In the past, our emphasis has been more upon the pledging and approval of our operating budget. Our goal in making this change is to move away from pledging budgets to funding ministries.

Since August of 2015, more than 200 of our people have been engaged through meetings, surveys, personal interviews, etc. to  discover just where it is that God has uniquely placed FUMC Coppell for this time.   Growing, Connecting, Serving and Worshiping are the ministry pillars we feel God is leading us to at this time, and we have attempted to make sure that our Ministry Plan for 2017 includes the dreams and visions from these four pillars.

Over the past few weeks, we have highlighted different ministry pillar areas in worship: Grow, Connect, Serve, and Worship.

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The Stewardship Brochure enables you to record your areas of interest and involvement (first step, etc.) with the four pillars. Please share those interests via this following form, and church staff will follow up with you.
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