Thanks to all confirmands, parents, mentors and teachers who attended the Confirmation Covenant Service on Sunday, September 23!  Now is the time to be covenant keepers … by participating, praying and encouraging one another in the confirmation journey.

Confirmands are asked to complete two service projects during the year.  One project should involve mentor participation and the other may be done individually, as a group, or with a parent.  Contact for details if you did not receive a service project handout at the Covenant Service.  Twenty-seven students are now participating in our 2018-2019 confirmation class!

Field trips are an important part of the Confirmation experience.  While field trips are not mandatory, confirmands are encouraged to attend as many field trips as possible during the year in order to experience various styles of worship and liturgy.  If any of our scheduled dates don’t work for your family, you are encouraged to explore worship in other faith communities on your own.  Our first field trip is scheduled for October 2018:

  • Sunday, October 21 – Meet in the narthex of St. Ann Catholic Church of Coppell at 4 p.m. for a brief introductory session with Kurt Klement, Director of Evangelization.  St. Ann Youth Mass follows at 4:30 p.m. and generally ends by 5:45 p.m.  Parents and mentors are welcome to attend.  Confirmation shirts have been ordered so we may wear them to the youth mass and be easily recognized as a visiting confirmation class.
  • Additional field trips will be scheduled to Temple Emanu-El and other faith communities. Information will be provided to parents and mentors when these dates are selected!

Confirmation at First United Methodist Church of Coppell is a journey by which students begin to understand and affirm their Christian beliefs and claim their place in the life of the church.


This program is designed primarily for students in the sixth grade.  When there is a sufficient number of older youth who are in need of and desire to participate in the Confirmation process, a separate program will be set up for them by Student Ministries Department.

The sixth grade class shall begin in the fall of each year and run the school year, with Confirmation weekend taking place on the first Saturday/Sunday in May.


Confirmation provides many rewarding experiences for the students to help grow their faith and discipleship. The expectation is that each student will participate to the fullest extent possible.

Sunday Morning Classes – The core content of Confirmation is presented in this setting. The “Confirm” curriculum presents a 39-week format of lessons regarding United Methodist history, theology, and beliefs.

Attendance Policy – Youth are expected to attend Sunday morning classes at least 10 times over the course of Confirmation and attend FUMC worship services at least 6 times over the course of Confirmation.

Parent Involvement – Confirmation is a time when youth and parents have the opportunity to learn together and to discuss aspects of their faith they may never have talked about before. Additionally, the need for teachers, chaperones, activity coordinators, and drivers necessitates a heavy involvement by parents.

Mentor Relationship – Each Confirmand will need a Mentor, an adult church member whom they trust, and with whom they can share their faith.  The mentor will be a “friend in faith”, who will pray for their Confirmand  and participate in at least one service project together during the year. Mentors should plan to attend the Covenant Service and the Service of Confirmation.

Covenant Service – This is a service of worship, during which each Confirmand, parent, mentor, teacher and church staff member covenant to make the Confirmation experience a priority in prayer and presence.

Service Projects – It is the expectation that each Confirmand will participate in at least two different  service projects during the school year. A group of parents will supply the youth with a list of suggested projects.

Field Trips – Group field trips will be scheduled to Christian churches in the area as well as to Temple Emanu-El in Dallas.

Confirmation Retreat – One of the most critical experiences during Confirmation, the retreat should not be missed. It is both relational and educational.  Several pastors/staff members attend and this gives the youth a chance to spend time with their church leaders in a casual setting, getting to know them in a new way. Additionally, major components of the curriculum content are shared at the retreat.

Staff Visits – As we near the close of the Confirmation program each Confirmand must come to the church for an individual visit with a pastor/staff member. These appointments will be held during the month of April.  During these interviews, Confirmands will share what they have learned during Confirmation, and they may ask questions they still have regarding faith issues. Each Confirmand will be asked by the staff member, “Do you want to be confirmed and join the church?” It is up to each Confirmand to answer this question.  It is not the decision of a parent, mentor or staff person. We will all do our best to encourage and help with the decision, but all decisions made by the youth will be honored.

Service of Confirmation – One of the most holy moments in the life of any church, this is a Saturday evening Service of Worship during which each youth is confirmed in the Christian faith. That is, they make public their own profession of faith that was made at their baptism. Or, if a Confirmand is baptized on this date as well, it is a time of renewing that profession of faith, accepting the gift of the Holy Spirit for a life as a disciple of Christ. It is the expectation that all Confirmands will be present for this service. In extenuating circumstances, alternative arrangements can be made for a youth to be individually confirmed at a later date during another Sunday morning service.

Dessert Reception – A dessert reception is held following the Service of Confirmation. It is a time to celebrate the accomplishments of each Confirmand and to fellowship together. It is the custom of FUMC, Coppell for the dessert reception to be hosted by the previous year’s Confirmation Class parents.

Presentation of Church Members – On the following Sunday morning, at the service of their choice, each Confirmand is invited to be presented to the congregation as a full member of FUMC, Coppell.

FUMC Coppell Confirmation 2018


For more information or to enroll in Confirmation, please contact Kelly Williams at or call the church office.