why should you sing?

Part 1 (April 7, 2016)
Getty notes, the Scriptures command us more than 250 times to sing. Rev. Bob Kauflin from Louisville, KY goes even deeper and says, “All told, the Bible contains over 400 references to singing and 50 direct commands to sing.” Even John Wesley, on page vii in the preface to our United Methodist Hymnal, says “sing all” and “sing lustily and with good courage.”

It’s not about our (perceived) talent for singing—it’s about our worship to God. It’s not about performance—it’s about our worship to God. It’s not about what we think others might think about us—it’s about (you guessed it…) our worship to God. It’s not about anything else—except our worship to God.

We sing so that we may worship God.  Don’t think you have a good enough voice? You are underestimating the power of God to transform your worship for him! So just sing!

After all—it’s about our worship to God.

Part 2 (April 14, 2016)
Singing is part of “congregational” worship. “Congregational” worship (more recently called “corporate” worship) is about what we do together. We come together to worship God. When we worship together, we do many things: pray together, speak together, listen together—and sing together. Have you ever listened while you are singing to the beauty of our congregational singing? Our beautiful building resonates with the sound of voices and instruments lifting God in praise! It’s amazing and transformative! We make beautiful worship together as we all sing praises to God for his mighty acts.  It connects us to the future and the past–singing great songs of those who have gone before us as well as learning new songs that future generations will sing after we have gone to glory! And just think– every Sunday morning, we are part of a myriad of congregations all singing praise to God. What a glorious sound that must for him!

So be a part of our congregational worship and sing!

Part 3 (April 21, 2016)
Singing is good for your soul. Psalm 71:23 (NRSV) says: “My lips will shout for joy when I sing praises to you; my soul also, which you have rescued.” Pope Francis told a group of 6,000 choristers, families, and friends at the Vatican to “…remember this: sing and walk; and in this way, your soul will enjoy more the joy of the gospel.”

Singing evokes an emotional response that can calm the soul or boost the spirit to action. It can bring tears or laughter, smiles or frowns. It brings back memories and inspires our future action. For our brains and bodies, the words and music together help us more easily remember the message, boost our immune system, and improve our memory, especially for those with tendencies toward dementia.

But for our souls, it does all that and more. It connects us more closely with God (after all, singing is all about the worship) through these emotions, feelings of calm (or energy), and even through our tears.

So join us in singing in worship this (and every!) Sunday!!

Part 4 (April 28, 2016)
Singing changes your life—not only your spiritual and congregational life, but even your physical and mental life! Research (just Google “singing is good for your health”) has many articles about the physical and mental benefits to singing together. (You don’t have to be in choir—just in the congregation!)

Here are a few ways that singing can change your life:

  • Singing releases endorphins: hello instant happiness!
  • Singing releases oxytocin: hello stress, depression, and loneliness relief!
  • Singing improves sleep and heart rates (and sometimes syncs heart rates with others).
  • Singing gives you better posture, greater oxygen intake as well as improved lung capacity and function, feelings of safety and confidence, and a boost to your immune system. Sinus problems? Hum a tune and open your sinuses and respiratory tubes. Plus lots of muscles are exercised in singing: facial muscles, core muscles, and more!
  • Mental benefits include improved memory, improved motor skills and concentration, calms “mental chatter” (unhelpful thoughts), and reduces worry and anxiety;

Who knew all of these great medical benefits from just singing hymns on Sunday morning? Who indeed? God knew! That’s why it’s all about the worship!

Join us each Sunday morning as we lift our voices together to worship God, and in doing so, improve our physical, mental, and spiritual health! We’ll be doing more to emphasize our singing over the course of our worship, including some singing without the organ. (You should hear how wonderful our building sounds when we are all singing together in worship!) See you Sunday!

Part 5 (May 5, 2016)
A post-script to this: I am not a great singer.  I don’t have a fantastic voice, but I am a good singer.  (I even tried taking lessons just recently and my teacher quit!)  Our choir has some great singers; it also has some good singers.  Our congregation has some great singers (I always wish they were in choir!); it also has some good singers.  But we all have one thing in common: we are all great worshippers.  No matter the quality of our voices, it is the quality of our hearts that we share in common.  It is that quality of worship that makes our singing worthy.

Maybe you would like to join the choir for a short time (like during summer, when we just meet at 10:30 am on Sunday to learn a quick anthem for the day; or maybe during a season such as Advent or Lent, etc.). Or maybe you are content being a worshipper in the congregation with your “worshipful” singing. Bottom line: Just sing and see how worship is enhanced! (We get a big opportunity every Communion Sunday!)

“We are a singing congregation” because we are a congregation worshipping together.

I’ll see you Sunday as we worship together in part by singing together.