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The Table gets it’s name from the Methodist practice of an “open table” at communion. This is the idea that no matter where you come from, what choices you have made or life struggles you have, you are welcome at the Lord’s table, for each of us sin and need the strength of God’s grace to go forth into the world.

Our hope is that The Table will be a place that everyone feels loved and welcomed and to leave the gathering space to go into the world living empowered by the love and grace of Christ.

The table I long for—the church I hope for—has each of you sitting around it, struggling to hold the knowledge that you, vulnerable you and courageous you, are beloved by God, not just welcome but desperately, fiercely wanted. Jeff Chu

Interested in being a part of the student ministry band? Email Tori for more information.

Life Groups

Life Groups are our opportunity for students to engage in a small group experience. We meet as a group once a week to study scripture and to walk through life together. Life Groups are designed to look more like Wesleyan Class meetings, a group of about 12 people who shared life together.

With attending Life Groups, students  can expect to gain knowledge on how to use the Bible as a tool for building their personal theology and  cultivate deeper relationships with their peers that will encourage them on their faith journey.