Let’s face it—we need each other.  It is possible to sit in worship week after week, as well as a Sunday School class, and sing all the songs, pray all the prayers, nod in affirmation at all the right places, and never really grow spiritually at all. So how do we connect deeply with each other? It’s hard to go through life alone, but in a Life Group—we remember the good news that we never walk alone. In Life Groups, we can participate more effectively in God’s Love, by building relationships with each other and the one who ultimately is love, God.  God created us for relationships, and Life Groups are a great way to experience and live into better, holistic lives with one another.


Life Groups Information

A: Life Group is a small group  of 6 – 10 people meeting weekly for 60 – 75 minutes in homes to build relationships, grow spiritually, and share in life together. Whatever age or stage of life you are in, Life Groups are the places where you can connect deeply with God and one another.

colossians study

Background – Focus Colossians 1:13-17, The Supremacy of Christ.
Date: 60 to 62 A.D. during Paul’s first imprisonment.
Colossae was a city situated in the Lycus valley. Laodicea and Hierapolis stood on either side of the valley with Colossae 12 miles up the river Lycus. The valley was notorious for earthquakes. Laodicea was so rich, that after an earthquake it needed no help in rebuilding from Roman. Laodicea was one of the seven churches in Revelation (3:17).

Great chalk was built up in the area from the river flow, forming amazing formations. The two trades were wool and dyeing. The land that was not all chalk was very fertile and so the herds of sheep would be strong. Wool comes from the sheep that produced garments to be traded. Colossae was so strong with the dye for the garments that a dye was named after the city. The territory of which we speak is wealthy.

The region was filled with Jews. It is believed that even though Colossae is 100 miles from Ephesus where Paul had a significant ministry, Paul’s message of Christ made it to the city, leading people to Christ. Most likely the people of the church at Colossae were Gentiles (1:21).

The Church of Colossae was facing a Heresy on the unique supremacy of Christ. Notice the insistence of Paul that Christ was the beginning, and everything was developed through Christ.

1. What stands out to you in the text? What do you think is important?
2. How should you view Christ in light of this text?
3. What is your next simple step in honoring Christ on a daily basis?