Life Groups is a small group program of 6 – 12 people meeting weekly for 60 – 75 minutes in homes to build relationships, grow spiritually, and serve others. An in-house curriculum guide is provided. Groups are formed by affinity (season in life).

“It is possible to sit in worship week after week, as well as a Sunday School class, and sing all the songs, pray all the prayers, nod in affirmation at all the right places, and never really grow spiritually at all,” said Alan Hitt, minister of Evangelism and Congregation Care at FUMC Coppell. “But you cannot be part of a weekly small group where members love each other, pray for each other, open up to each other, encourage each other and serve with each other, and not grow spiritually.”

Life Group FAQ’s

A: Life Groups are gatherings of 6 – 12 adults meeting weekly in homes for about 60 – 75 minutes for the  purpose of doing life together and growing into their call of becoming fully devoted followers of Jesus.
A: Contact Alan Hitt for more information at
A: Three things take place in a Life Group meeting:

  1. The Bible is opened, read, and explored, either independently or as directed in a curriculum.
  2. Members share their lives and pray with and for each other.
  3. Members build community by making friends, doing the things friends do.
A: There are existing “open groups” that anyone can join at any time. New groups also form twice a year – once in the spring and  fall. To find out how you can connect, call Alan Hitt at 972-462-0471, ext. 214. You will have the chance to offer your preferred day and time. Groups are formed based on affinity (season of life, men, women, couples or singles), availability, and proximity.
A: People who have gone through training to become leaders and interested people who have the gifts and abilities to lead a group.
A: The church is offering free childcare at the church on Wednesday and Sunday evenings for groups with young kids who want to meet on those days. Reservations will be required in advance. Of course, groups are free to make their own arrangements for the kiddos.
A: Contact Alan Hitt at or 972-462-0471, ext. 214.