Rooted: A Discipleship Program

This year, FUMC Coppell kicked off a new discipleship process called Rooted. Following the Methodist tradition, Rooted seeks to invite people to engage in transformative spiritual disciplines, explore the ancient text and traditions that anchor our faith, and even explore sacred places. For thousands of years, people have been seeking God.  Women and men, inspired by the One who is still creating, have recorded their experiences in writing, song, art, traditions, and creeds.  These roots, created by our ancestors’ experiences with God, inspire us today as we seek what God is up to in our world and how we can join in.

In this process, we will explore the ways story, community, word, and journey guide us and transform us as we become rooted in our faith. This discipleship program is comprised of four phases, and we expect participants to complete all four phases: 

Phase 4: Rooted in Journey, October 7 – 15

During this final phase of the Rooted process, we will journey to England to explore sacred places connected to our Methodist heritage while seeking communion with God and deeper knowledge of ourselves. Pilgrimage takes place when we remove ourselves from our routines, journey to a foreign place, and find perspective that changes our practice of life when we return.  As we commune with God and explore the very place in which the Methodist movement began, we will visit places where the Wesley brothers lived, went to school, and had extremely formative experiences, ending each day with debriefing and worship. On this trip, it is our hope that you will discover how our Wesleyan heritage commends us to live as disciples today.

An informational meeting will be held June 11 from noon to 12:45 p.m. in Room 301. Contact Rev. Katie Newsome at with questions.



Travel Itinerary

Saturday, October 7 –  Travel to London

Sunday, October 8: What is Pilgrimage/Stay Awake –  Check in to hotel, orientation, lunch, and take Tower of London Walking Tour.

Monday , October 9: Vocation–  Travel to Canterbury.

Tuesday, October 10: The Adolescent Church & Holy Living –  Tour of Oxford and visit St. Mary’s, PunchDrunk Immersive Theater.

Wednesday, October 11: Failure, Restoration, & Reformation—Travel to Postman’s Park, visit Aldersgate marker at St. Marten in the Fields, visit St. Paul’s Cathedral, meet with an innovator in the public sector, Alexander McClean,  and see a Shakespearean play.

Thursday, October 12: Building a Movement –  Travel to Bristol, visit The New Room, tour Charles Wesley’s house,  and have dinner and free time in London.

Friday, October 13: More than Disciples, Making Apostles –  Tour Wesley’s Chapel and Wesley’s House, meet with  British Methodist Minister, Lord Leslie Griffith, travel to Westminster Stop, tour Methodist Central Hall, worship in Westminster Abbey, and travel to Leicester Square.

Saturday,  October 14: The Good Life –  Meet with a multicultural ministry, travel to Brick Lane, and see Les Miserables

Sunday, October 15 –  Travel home.


The deadline to register  is Thursday, June 15, but since there are limited spots on this trip, you are encouraged to register early!   Fill out a registration form and return with your check to the church office or register below.

Wesleyan Pilgrimage


The cost is $3,000 and includes airfare, hotel, transportation, all itinerary costs, and some meals.  A  first deposit of $500 is due on June 15, $1,000 is due by July 17, and $1,500 is due by August 17. You may pay by check or online (online registration coming soon).  Make checks payable to FUMC, with “Wesleyan Pilgrimage” written in the memo area. Please note that credit card payments will be assessed a 3 percent charge.  If you cancel your registration after June 15, you will forfeit your deposit and assume an additional airfare cost. You may choose your roommate, or we will pair you with one.  You may also choose to have a private room for an additional cost.

Preparation For Trip

In order to prepare for this trip and receive the most out of your experience, we are offering a seven-week course on United Methodist History and Doctrine, which is detailed further up on this page.  This course will be offered on Wednesday nights from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. in the Rotunda from August 9  through September 20.  All participants of the pilgrimage are strongly encouraged to attend!

For more information, contact Rev. Katie Newsome at or Alan Hitt at

The other three phases leading up to Rooted in Journey:


Phase 1: Rooted in Story Class (Three Weeks)

The Rooted in Story class series will show how to get rooted in the ongoing story of God, the United

Methodist Church, and our local church here in Coppell. Led by Alan Hitt, these sessions will help you come to know the story so many others have been a part of through the centuries, and how you and others can connect to that story in a way that brings life and growth and an assurance of purpose that nothing can shake. There is no cost for the class, and child care is available by calling 972-462-0471, ext. 226  by noon the Friday before each class.

New class dates will be listed soon. Class Schedule: Class 1: Rooted in God’s Story; Class 2: Rooted in the Methodist Story; Class 3: Rooted in the Story of FUMC Coppell.



Phase 2: Rooted in Community (Three Months)

In this part of the Rooted process, we will discover how being rooted in community transforms us. Engaging with one another, we will explore personal and social transformative spiritual disciplines that help us to live into the values of our faith: storytelling/witness, service/intentional awareness of the neighborhood, presence, generosity, prayer, and apostleship.

New dates will be listed soon.




Phase 3: Rooted in Word (Six Months)

In this phase of the Rooted process, we will explore the ancient texts and traditions that have contributed to our faith, including Scripture and United Methodist doctrine and history. Glancing backward to the stories, traditions, and the words of our past, we will seek to move forward as people rooted in the Word that gives life to our faith.

Schedule: These classes will be led by Rev. Katie Newsome. All classes will take place on Wednesdays from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m., Rotunda.



Old Testament:

April 19 – Week 1: Canon and The Hebrew Bible

April 26 – Week 2: Genesis

May 3 –  Week 3: Exodus

May 10 –  Week 4: Law

May 17 –  Week 5: Judges & Kings

May 24 –  Week 6: Prophets

May 31 – Week 7: Psalms

June 7 –  Week 8: Wisdom


New Testament:

June 14 – Week 9: The New Testament

June 21 –  Week 10: Jesus

June 28 –  Week 11: Gospels

July 12 –  Week 12: Acts

July 19 – Week 13: Paul

July 26 – Week 14: Romans, 1 & 2 Corinthians, Galatians

August 2 –  Week 15: Letters & Revelation

Methodist History & Doctrine:

August 9 –  Week 16: John Wesley

August 16 – Week 17: Growth of Methodism

August 23 – Week 18: Salvation, Grace, & Perfection

August 30 – Week 19: Free Will & The Omnipresence of God

September 6 – Week 20: Sacraments

September 13 – Week 21: General Rules and The Quadrilateral

September 20 – Week 22: Covenant Membership Vows