Communications Guide

The Communications Ministry Policies and House Style Guide is a living document that will be updated as needed.

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Communications Ministry Overview

The mission of the Communications Ministry at First United Methodist Church Coppell is to bring the church vision, mission, and values to life. This can be accomplished through effective and easy-to-use communication tools, with an effort to simplify and promote information to our members, guests, and external community.

Communications Request Forms

Submitting a Communications Request Form (CRF) is the first step required for promoting ministry programs, events, etc. All programs and events must be on the church’s calendar. (See timelines and deadlines information on this page for important details related to the CRFs.)

Regular Communications Request Form
Use this Communications Request Form for program or event publicity that will require the use of additional tools, such as graphics, printed materials, videos, etc.

Fill out online

Short Communications Request Form
Use this short form for publicity of an event/program or non-program/event, without a need for additional communication tools, such as graphics, printed materials, videos, etc. Also use this form to provide additional or changed information for a previously submitted CRF.
Fill out online

Timelines and Deadlines

Communications Request Form (CRF) for Programs and Events

Lead Time for Programs/Events: 

  • 8 weeks church-wide programs/events
  • 6 weeks ministry programs/events

Once the completed CRF is received, the information will automatically go on the website within a few days, be placed in the upcoming newsletter** (lead time listed below applies), and included into a rotation for promotion in the bulletin, slides, e-blast, social media, etc.

Lead time to implement specific communication tools:

  • External Media:  4 weeks
  • Video: 3 weeks + (varies per project content)
  • Printed materials: 3 weeks + (varies on content length)
  • Graphic Design: 3 weeks
  • Banner: 3 weeks
  • Monthly Newsletter: 15th of the month prior to publication**
    ** This lead time is for articles not related to upcoming ministry events and programs, such as Tom’s monthly article, article highlighting mission of the month, etc.

UPDATES: To update already submitted information: Lead time for updates:

  • Sunday Bulletin Announcements (Update): 10 days (Thursday noon)
  • Thursday Weekly E-Blast (Update): 1 week  (Thursday noon)
  • Website (Update): 1 week
  • Social Media (Update): 1 week
  • Hallway Promo Slide (Update): 1 week
  • Worship Announcement Slide (Update): 1 week

Communications Request Form (CRF) for Non-Programs and Non-Events

To promote a committee meeting, an ongoing collection for the different missions (like Austin Street), ongoing Confirmation activities, etc., submit information via the CRF for non-programs and non-events at least two weeks in advance of when you want the information to be promoted via the bulletin, e-blast, and website. (**Newsletter submission info listed above applies here.)

Explanation for the Communications Request Form Lead Time

When we publicize a program or event, the intentional end goal is to reach as many people possible, internally and (sometimes) externally. The key to reaching the widest audience possible is having the time to put all the publicity tools in place well in advance of the program/event.

Example of lead time needed:

†XYZ Ministry Event is Wednesday, April 27, 2016.

††CRF submitted Wednesday, March 16, 2016 (exactly six weeks in advance of program).

An external banner is requested. With a lead time of three weeks to create and print, the banner would be ready three weeks in advance of April 27, 2016, and the city only allows the banner to hang 14 consecutive days. So, essentially the banner would hang two weeks in advance of the program date. (If another banner is not already scheduled.)

Deadlines for special seasonal worship bulletins and newsletters will be provided later.

Due to the volume of requests we receive that often overlap in areas of publicity, the Communications Office reserves the right to determine which tools of communication will be used and when. Questions? Contact Kari Milam at