FUMC Adopts MinistrySafe Program!

The First United Methodist Church of Coppell (FUMC), in-cooperation with the North Texas Conference (NTC), has adopted the MinistrySafe Program as a measure to prevent child sexual abuse. This program implements methods for increasing volunteer awareness regarding sexual abuse of children.

What Is MinistrySafe?

MinistrySafe Abuse and Prevention Systems provide Sexual Abuse Awareness Training (live and online) to assist child care entities and organizations in the design and implementation of safety systems that reduce the risk of sexual abuse.

Who Does MinistrySafe Protect?

MinistrySafe is designed and implemented in the North Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church to help keep the people and our churches safe.  MinistrySafe provides an improved comprehensive program to ensure all children, youth, and vulnerable persons have a safe haven and that all of our churches are a place of sacred trust and security.

All volunteers working with children, youth, or vulnerable persons are required to complete the MinistrySafe Training.

Please download BOTH the policies/ procedures and the application that are listed below. Return completed forms to the church office or email to Kathy Baker at kbaker@fumccoppell.org.

download First UMC Coppell’s MinistrySafe Policies & Procedures
download copy
download your First United Methodist Church of Coppell’s MinistrySafe Application
download application

For a comprehensive overview of the MinistrySafe Program, please visit: