Raquel Moreno has big dreams for her hometown of Juárez, Mexico. She served as FUMC Coppell’s 2016 summer intern from the Lydia Patterson Institute, a United Methodist Church affiliated high school in El Paso. While working with U.M. ARMY (the United Methodist Action Reach-Out Mission By Youth) in Rockwall, Moreno began envisioning a project that would bring houses to families in Juárez.

Moreno said “It just started as an idea and now funds are being raised to change people’s lives. The project consists of building five homes for people in need. I am moved by how much a lot of the families in Juárez struggle. A lot of these people work in factories and earn around $40 – $50 a week just to supply the food and pay bills. There is not much left. The people from the community never lose their hope to succeed, even though the chances are scarce. They fight every day and work very hard to achieve something to get the best for their families. Juárez may be known for the violence, but I love it because of the hard work a lot of people do and the diversity here, with the dreams and hopes to be achieved one day.”

Raquel’s Big Dream is to build five houses in Juárez, two that are 608 square feet and three that are 246 square feet. The total cost for all five homes is $17,400. The process has been slow, but FUMC Coppell has made a wonderful commitment to this project. Money has been donated, and as of May 2018, two homes have been started. The families receiving the homes and volunteers are continuing the work. November 16-20, FUMC is planning to send a mission group to continue with this process.

Contact Martha Hagan-Smith at mhagan@fumccoppell.org for more information.