Founded in Dallas in 1998, Project Transformation (PT) is a ministry of the United Methodist Church that has grown to include six chapters across the United States, with locations in Central Texas, North Texas, Oklahoma, Rio Texas, Tennessee, and the Pacific Northwest. PT’s mission statement is to “engage young adults in purposeful leadership and ministry by building life-impacting relationships, serving children and families, and connecting churches to underserved communities.”

More than 250 young adults are involved in the program annually, serving more than 2,000 children across the country. Churches in underserved communities host both after-school and summer programs. Among the services provided are homework assistance, health and nutrition education, and other activities, which range from literacy programs (including reading to children), to social, emotional, and spiritual development. Meals are provided to the students, the majority of whom qualify for free or reduced price meals at school. These activities are led by college-age volunteers who come from as many as 32 different states and eight foreign countries. A number of these volunteers have gone on to enroll in seminary, with several currently working as staff in the North Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church.

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