the beliefs of First United Methodist Church Coppell

The United Methodist Church has roots that go back over 200 years. We believe in the following:

  • In one God: Father Son and Holy Spirit.
  • God is alive and active in our world, that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior, and that the Holy Spirit dwells within us as our guide.
  • That every person needs God’s saving grace in their lives.
  • Salvation and redemption come through faith in Jesus Christ, not through anything we do ourselves.
  • All who put their trust in Jesus are made new.
  • In the power of scripture as the primary rule and guide for our lives.
  • We are part of Christ’s universal church with all fellow believers.
  • With other Christians, we believe that Holy Communion and Baptism are sacraments, through which God’s grace is received in particularly powerful ways.

beliefsThese beliefs, held in common with other Christians all over the world, are the foundation of our faith. They help us to understand who God is and how God works. They help us to understand our need for God and God’s grace. These beliefs sustain us and remind us that we are God’s beloved and valued children. Through our understanding of these beliefs we can know how we are to respond to God’s word and how to act as people in God’s world.

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