• Staff

    Senior Pastor
    Tom Palmer

    Associate Pastor
    Katie Newsome

    Minister of Connections and Care
    Alan Hitt

    Executive Director of Administration
    Bentley Foster

    Director of Missions and Family Ministries 
    Martha Hagan

    Director of Student Ministries
    Jordan Jackson

    Director of Music Ministries
    Ricky Mitchell

    Director of Finance
    Jackie Campbell

  • Lay

    Lay Leader

    Church Council Chair
    Ellen Steinmiller

    Trustees Chair
    Jim Hall

    SPRC Chair
    Mark Cox

    Finance Chair
    Brian Taylor

    Church Council Secretary
    Margaret Bryan

    Lay Member to Annual Conference
    Alfred White

    UMW President

    Young Adult Representative
    Libby Mathews-May

    Youth Representative
    Kyle Cloutier